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For medical emergencies, call 911 immediately. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of HRH are available at a moment’s notice to provide comprehensive pre-hospital care and transport to the hospital. Our fast, reliable and advanced EMS Communications Center is staffed around the clock, and is available to dispatch resources when necessary, and can be reached at (201) 583-6703. Hudson Regional Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides 24-hour emergency care and transportation in Secaucus and the surrounding Hudson county region. Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) bring advanced care to the home or to the scene of an accident or illness. Our EMS team is trained in establishing emergency airways, performing advanced assessments, and screening for heart attack and stroke.


Our Process
Our top priority is an immediate response to a variety of medical and trauma-related emergencies once dispatched and to provide the best clinical care possible to our patients. Once on scene, our caring and well-trained personnel provide a swift, yet detailed medical evaluation and treatment followed by ambulance transport to the hospital. As the primary EMS provider for Secaucus, Hudson Regional’s EMS has two ambulances dedicated to serving the town. One ambulance is stationed at the hospital while the second is stationed at the Secaucus Office of Emergency Management (OEM) location in the center of town. With this arrangement, each ambulance, staffed by two certified EMTs, can respond to any location in town in less than eight minutes (with a recent average response of five minutes). Hudson Regional Hospital EMS provides stand-by service at Secaucus events and offers mutual aid to other communities when needed.


Our Equipment
All ambulances and equipment are maintained in a safe, clean and sanitary condition, and exceed New Jersey compliance and inspection requirements. Our on-site emergency dispatch center is staffed by qualified EMS operators, which aid callers with initial first aid while dispatching the nearest ambulance to the patient’s location. In addition to traditional ambulance services, Hudson Regional’s EMS operates a Specialty Care Transport Unit (SCTU). This specialized ambulance for critically ill patients is staffed by highly trained registered nurses and EMTs and serves critically ill patients with multiple medical problems. The SCTU is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for cardiac monitoring, advanced life support medications, portable ventilators and intravenous (IV) medications and equipment, with the goal of providing a continuity of care during the transfer from one medical facility to another.

(201) 392-3210

24 hours

Trust Our EMS Team To Be There For You

Here you'll have access to an EMS team who genuinely cares about you, not just as another insurance card, but as a person.

Kristin Hyman - Chief of EMS

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say

“The podiatry department at Hudson Regional Hospital is above average. Their level of caring and urgency for the patient brings the standard of care to a new level. The staff there is amazing as well! The staff treats you like family and the doctors treat you with respect and professionalism. Thank you again!”

Erik S.

“There are no words to describe my appreciation for what Hudson Regional Hospital did. Had I not found their facility, I would have lost my foot. Their surgeons have hands of gold. Thank you for everything!”

Savon F.

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