Important Information for Bayonne Residents

Hudson Regional Hospital Recognizes Local Heroes

On June 8th, Hudson Regional Hospital held a first-responders event for emergency service people throughout Hudson, Bergen, and Passaic Counties. Nearly 150 people attended the event and enjoyed festivities that included cocktails and food, cigars, music, and belly dancing. Hudson Regional treated guests to beautiful decorations and a lovely outdoor setting for the party as they honored our local heroes and showed appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The guests of honor even enjoyed a photo booth, cutting loose a bit and enjoying a well-deserved evening of fun.

Hudson Regional is doing their part to thank our first responders, and you can, too! If you would like to join HRH in letting our paramedics, police officers, and firefighters know how much we value their services, try one of the following ways of showing your appreciation.

Prepare a meal

Bringing a homecooked meal to your local fire or police station is an excellent way to show that you care. The day-to-day life of a first responder can be very stressful, and the schedule can be quite irregular. That means that homecooked meals may be few and far between at times. You can even deliver the meal yourself and thank the honorees verbally as well. Try to choose a dish that can be eaten later if necessary, since an alarm may sound at any moment.

Make a donation

There are often charity drives that help support the police forces, fire departments, and more. Donating to these causes can make a real difference in the lives of our first responders and their families. Your donation does not have to be large; even a small contribution can make a difference. If you can’t donate, there are other ways to help such as volunteering at or organizing drives and other fundraising events.

Write a letter

Letter writing is becoming increasingly rare. A handwritten letter is a way to say thank you that really stands out. Consider writing a physical letter thanking your local first responders for their service. This act of kindness has a personal and heartfelt feel that they will appreciate. You can even gather letters from the community and deliver them at the same time, a lovely way to let your first responders know how much their service means.

Send a gift basket

Not just any gift basket – make it a practical one they’ll get lots of use out of. This is a thoughtful option that expresses your gratitude very nicely. Think of things they’ll use such as gift cards to local restaurants – a terrific way for them to relax, unwind, and be treated to some delicious food between jobs.

Just say thanks

You probably pass first responders such as firefighters, paramedics, and police officers on a daily basis just going about their business. Simply saying, “Thank you for your service,” can show your respect and appreciation for their commitment to the community and help brighten their day.

Why not choose one of the above ways to say “thank you” and join Hudson Regional Hospital in letting first responders know how important they are?