Important Information for Bayonne Residents

Head of EMS Nominated for Outstanding EMS Administrator

Hudson Regional Hospital is proud to announce that Kristin Hyman, Head of EMS has been nominated for Outstanding EMS Administrator by the New Jersey EMS Award Program. The ceremony will be held on October 5th during the National Conference on EMS in Atlantic City, NJ. It is an honor for Ms. Hyman to be nominated along with an exceptional group of individuals who regularly go above and beyond in the field of Emergency Medical Services.

The award for Outstanding EMS Administrator honors an individual who has made a significant positive contribution in the areas of patient care, disaster preparedness, public access to EMS, training, and/or public education. Some of the other award categories in the outstanding performance in the EMS field include Outstanding EMS Call, Outstanding EMS Action by a Youth, Outstanding Paramedic, Outstanding EMS Physician, and Outstanding Hospital ER Nurse.

“It’s a truly an honor to be nominated for this award,” said Ms. Hyman. “I’m glad to bring people’s attention to the outstanding service our EMS team provides along with Hudson Regional Hospital overall.”

Nominees like Ms. Hyman are setting the standard for top-notch patient care and industry improvements. It is an incredible achievement to be selected from so many excellent candidates, and we sincerely congratulate Ms. Hyman on her nomination.

About the National Conference on EMS

The National Conference on EMS is an exciting opportunity for those in the healthcare field. As mobile healthcare changes and evolves rapidly, it’s essential to keep up with best practices and clinical developments. The conference helps attendees remain informed. It provides a unique learning experience including hands-on simulation activities and demonstrations to help participants build their skills and provide better patient care.

The conference will include over 100 sessions presented by subject matter experts, which means numerous opportunities to choose from that can help hone your knowledge and expand your abilities. Some of the planned sessions include:

  • Education sessions. The education assemblies are designed to help attendees provide effective, evidence-based patient care. Choose from 100+ seminars, all presented by field experts. Choose areas where you would like to build your skills or follow a specific trajectory; either way, you’re sure to learn a lot and leave a better healthcare provider.
  • Continuing education credits. Specified education sessions have been approved for 1.5 professional development credits and 1.5 CEU EMY elective credits.
  • Exhibit floor. The exhibit floor promises to be an exciting part of the conference with lots of hands-on opportunities to learn about the latest advances in EMS care including essential lifesaving equipment. Visit a wide variety of suppliers and see what’s new.
  • EMS Awards Program. The awards program is a celebration of the people who make a difference in the area of Emergency Medical Services. It’s a chance to recognize individuals and agencies for their commitment to providing EMS to the people of New Jersey. There will be music and dancing with Philly Rock and Soul after the ceremony.

Join us in congratulating Kristin Hyman of Hudson Regional Hospital

We are proud that Ms. Hyman is a part of our team at Hudson Regional Hospital and we look forward to seeing where her dedication and commitment to healthcare take her in the future. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Hyman and wishing her the best of luck at the awards ceremony!