Guidelines & Compliance

Hudson Regional Hospital is accredited by the “Det Norske Veritas” or more commonly known as DNV and follows standards set by this Accrediting body. One of the standards requires the Hospital to ensure that contact staff, students and volunteers receive an orientation specific to their job duties and responsibilities, and their work environment.

About the International DNV

DNV offers accreditation built on two components:

  • A set of hospital standards, National Integrated Accreditation for Health Organizations (NIAHO)
  • Additional requirement to achieve ISO 9001 certification, or at least ISO 9001 compliance within the first three years, which focuses on three things:
    • Alignment with strategy
    • Clear and effective quality management system
    • Consistent process execution

About Orientation

This Orientation must take place prior to the individual functioning in his/her role. The Orientation must contain Organization Structure, document control, internal reporting requirements for adverse patient events, patient safety, infection control, among other topics.

In addition, to the above, all contracted staff, vendors and students and volunteers must also be medically cleared before performing in their roles for the Hospital. Clearance includes tuberculosis testing results and, during flu season which is October to March, proof of the flu vaccine. Absent proof of a flu vaccine, individuals will be asked to wear a mask if in the presence of patients. We have a developed a presentation for your review and a test to ascertain your knowledge in the areas noted above. We are requiring that you provide the test, confidentiality statements and Personal Data and Attestation in the form to the Manager of the department you are working, visiting, interning or volunteering in upon arrival to HRH.

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