Important Information for Bayonne Residents

March of the Robot

We are here to present the most recent developments regarding the use of spinal robotics.

As has been previously outlined, the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, in conjunction for Hudson Regional Hospital, had acquired a Mazor Robotics system and successfully performed several first ​of kind spine surgeries, including first-ever office-based surgical kyphoplasty with robotics, as well as first ambulatory surgical center sacroiliac fusion using the spinal robotic system.

More recently, at Hudson Regional Hospital, in conjunction with our group and several others, over 50 robotic spinal fusions have been performed with outstanding results. You can see one of those on the following video link concerning the case of a former police officer who had been previously reported on by the Jewish Link.

Most recently, the Hudson Regional Hospital, in discussion with the robotic surgeons and our group, decided to upgrade our robotic platform and has recently formed a landmark agreement with ​Globus Corporation​ for purpose of their third-generation technology robot, the Excelsius. This represents the first Excelsius robot to be housed in a New Jersey hospital. The advantage of this third-generation robot is that it includes, in addition to the robotic platform, a navigational platform, which allows for visual and real-time feedback as the screws and implants are being inserted.

On November 21​st​, 2018, Dr. Grossman and Dr. Lewin performed the first Globus Excelsius spinal fusion at Hudson Regional Hospital and the first robotic spinal fusion in New Jersey using the Globus Excelsius. The surgery went extremely well. Dr. Grossman is quoted as saying, “I am delighted that we have moved towards the Globus robot. The addition of navigation will open up significant vistas for application, and patients and surgeons should benefit from this advanced technology. My congratulations to Hudson Regional Hospital for this outstanding commitment.”

Plans are now in the works for the community as well as physician-based seminars to further educate hospital staff as well as community and lay people and referring physicians to this new advance in robotic spinal surgery platforms.

Dr. Vora, who has been a longtime proponent of robotics, and who also serves as assistant director in Hudson Regional Hospital robotic surgical platform, is quoted as follows: “Weare committed to advancing the spinal robotic platform step by step. What today is considered cutting edge is going to be tomorrow’s standard, and we will be right there to match the needs of patients and surgeons without missing a beat. It is a great accomplishment, and I am looking forward to seeing exactly how far this can take us.”

Additionally, President Yan Moshe of Hudson Regional Hospital is quoted as saying, “The hospital is excited about this new relationship with Globus robotics, as it will also incorporate the utilization of the Globus screws and hardware into the platform. Globus has long been a leader in spinal equipment and advancement, and we feel that we are in line with their overall thinking as it relates to technology and cost implementation. Looking forward to a fruitful relationship and the betterment of patient care.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about this unique medical technology, please make an appointment to see any of the surgeons at the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, Drs. Grossman, Vora, and Lewin, at our Englewood office, with additional offices in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.