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Rachid Assina, MD

  • Neurosurgery

90 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ 07103


Dr. Assina specializes in complex and minimally invasive spine surgery with a special interest in the treatment of spinal tumors and scoliosis. Dr. Assina’s practice approach centers on a comprehensive integrated approach to the development and implementation of a plan of care for the full range of spine conditions. He provides state-of-the-art treatment, restoring back health and enabling patients to lead full lives. As an orthopedic fellowship-trained spine surgeon, Dr. Assina performs the most innovative surgical techniques, including minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, artificial disc replacement, image-guided scoliosis correction, and laser-assisted tumor surgery to achieve the best results for his patients.

Dr. Assina is a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine and completed his neurosurgical residency at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School where he performed more than 1500 procedures. He completed a fellowship in Orthopedic Spine Surgery at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Spine Institute of New York and Beth Israel Medical Center performing more than 350 spine surgeries.

Prior to his medical training, Dr. Assina received his Bachelors in Pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and was a practicing Pharmacist before he left to pursue medical school. He has been actively involved in research and has 14 academic manuscripts, two book chapters and 10 abstracts to his credit.

Dr. Assina is fluent in Arabic and French and is committed to providing outstanding, expedient, compassionate and technologically sophisticated care and expertise to his patients.


Spine Institute of New York. Beth Israel Medical Center, The Mount Sinaí School of Medicine - Research Fellowship

New York, NY

July, 2012 - June, 2013

Research Fellowship

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School - Residency

Newark, NJ

July, 2009 - June, 2015



University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Internship

Newark, NJ

July, 2008 - June, 2009


General Surgery/Neurosurgery

Ross University School of Medicine - Medical Education

Dominica, West Indies

January, 2004 - May, 2008


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences - Pre-Professional Education

Boston, Massachusetts

September, 1995 - January, 1999


Bachelor of Science: Pharmacy


Rho-Chi National Pharmacy Honor Society Award, 1998

Awarded by Rho-Chi Academic Honor Society in Pharmacy


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