Concierge Service Available in Hudson Regional Hospital Emergency Room

“George, this is Dan G. (name changed), and I’m coming to your ER with a man with a very serious head wound—blood is pouring out down his face. He got hurt visiting one of our construction sites. Please alert them that we are coming.” This is the mobile phone call that George Matyjewicz, director of Community Outreach at Hudson Regional Hospital, received one Friday afternoon when he was out of the office on a call. Immediately, he made a call to the hospital alerting them to this emergency and to be ready. When Dan and the patient arrived, they were immediately brought in to the ER where the patient’s wound was successfully treated requiring 15 staples.

And so it went with another example of exemplary Concierge Service at Hudson Regional Hospital (HRH). When HRH started on January 1, 2018, they wanted to provide special services that went far beyond what any other hospital was providing. Brainstorming among the executives and staff and listening to the public, they determined that a major complaint that many people had with hospitals, or service businesses, was how to reach the correct contact.

This ER call was simple: He had a nasty wound, get him to the ER! How about a different call like, “My 16-year-old son is suffering from back pain. Please direct me to somebody to help him.”

That sounds easy enough: Pass him over to physical therapy, or pain management or maybe Dr. Lewin for robotic back surgery. Hold on. What do we know about this boy? Did he fall? Was he in an accident? Is he overweight? How long has he been suffering?

That is why we determined that we need a concierge service, where the patient is screened by a trained individual who can ask the right questions to transfer the call to the right department, almost like a mini-triage service. The goal is to have all management staff understand this concept so they can help any patient.r

Our ER Department

Hudson Regional Hospital is proud to lead the comprehensive emergency care services in Hudson County and northern New Jersey. With around-the-clock emergency care, our ER is open 24 hours a day and have the shortest wait-times in the area. In addition, our ER room is staffed with board-certified physicians and supported by specially trained medical staff and certified nurses. This unique mix of staff allows for specialized care for the pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patient population.

Concierge Services

Our concierge staff is dedicated to fulfilling patients’ needs and acting as liaisons to other departments and services within the hospital. Whether you need to make an appointment with one of our physicians or one of our departments, need help in the emergency room, or need to book transportation after a surgical procedure, our trained staff is always here to help you.

The Hudson Regional Hospital concierge services include:

– Direct contract

– Personalized scheduling and follow-up

– Insurance verification

– Billing assistance

– Case management

– Transportation

– ER concierge service

About Hudson Regional Hospital

Hudson Regional Hospital offers these preventive services and others, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Patients can inquire about these services or schedule appointments by contacting the hospital directly, either via telephone at 201-392-3100 or our concierge service at 201-392-3278, or email at Patients facing medical emergencies should proceed directly to the emergency room. The emergency room contact number is 201-392-3210.

For a tour of the new Hudson Regional Hospital or to meet the owner and executive staff, physicians should call George Matyjewicz at 201-392-3436 or email

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