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Hudson Regional Hospital Begins COVID-19 Vaccinations

A marathon of vaccinations are underway at Hudson Regional Hospital.

They received 100 doses of the Moderna Vaccine, and are expecting 100 more doses later on this week.

The plan is to vaccinate 30 workers each day until all 1.400 employees at the hospital that want the vaccine are inoculated.

“i would say at least 50% of them declined the vaccination,” said Dr. Khafiah.

That’s why Dr. Khafiah, President and CEO of Hudson Regional Center, decided to be among the first 30.

“I wanted to give the employees the understanding that if i’m going to get it, that means I read all the safety precautions for it, all the potential side effects for it, I want them to understand, that I’m in this with them as well and encourage them to take the next steps and get the vaccine,” said Dr. Khafiah.

Frederick Viado, a nurses aid, also received the vaccine.

“Since COVID happened, i already have other underlying diseases on top of it, so it was pretty hard for me,” explained Viado.

Kristin Hyman worked with EMS at the height of the first wave.

“It was non-stop for us, job after job after job, everyone had respiratory distress, the cough, the fever, we saw some things, that were extremely traumatic for us and never mind the patients and their families. So just seeing that and being in what can be described as a war zone it makes you really enthusiastic when something like this comes out that might even offer you a modicum of protection against Covid-19,” said Hyman.

The hospital will vaccinate all front line workers before inoculating the rest of the employees, and then will work with the county to begin immunizing the public.

Please note this article originally appeared in New Jersey News Network on December 22, 2020. 

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