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Pain Awareness Month at Hudson Regional Hospital

September is recognized nationally as Pain Awareness Month. Hudson Regional Hospital’s goal for this month is to educate the community on the frequency and effects of pain and its prevalence as a serious health issue, as well as the advanced treatment options available at HRH for chronic pain patients. 

50 million American adults – that’s 20% of the population – live with chronic pain. Chronic pain can take many forms, from mild to severe, intermittent to continuous, annoying to disabling. Chronic pain can stem from a back injury or a degenerative condition that comes with age, but whatever the level or form your pain takes, the implications of living with chronic pain are serious and can reduce your quality of life. 

As common as chronic pain is, pain is often overlooked and undertreated, and Hudson Regional Hospital is here to change that. Our team of pain management specialists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and more specialize in procedures and treatments that can help alleviate chronic pain, with the ultimate goal of allowing patients to live in as much comfort as possible.

To learn more on Hudson Regional Hospital’s pain services and specialists, call (201) 392-3278 or go to

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