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Hudson Regional Hospital Emergency Room Renovations Nearing Completion

Renovations to the Emergency Department at Hudson Regional Hospital are close to completion. The project comes at a time when health and safety is the top priority of both the hospital and the community. 

“For many in our community, the Emergency Department is not only their first experience with Hudson Regional Hospital but their connection to healthcare,” says Dr. Nizar Kifaieh, president and CEO of Hudson Regional Hospital. “We have made Emergency Medicine a priority focus of Hudson Regional and the quality of doctors, care and facilities in our Emergency Department are the finest available. We also were one of the first hospitals to segment a specific Emergency Room and Protocols for COVID-19 patients to prevent exposure to non-COVID patients.”

Once completed, the emergency room will have 17 renovated beds, with 5 private patient rooms. All rooms will have central bedside monitoring, and the waiting room has been updated for style and comfort, as well as safety, with dividers between seats to limit the spread of germs and physical distancing guidelines. 

 “As traumatic an experience as being in the center of the COVID-19 crisis was, it also resulted in improving every aspect of the Department, from our EMT responders to our medical professionals to our administrators. Not only is this a point of pride for Hudson Regional as an institution, but the community at large embraced: Hudson County chose Hudson Regional as its Testing Center for COVID-19 and Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli held his COVID-Heroes event on our grounds.”

The emergency room renovations join an expanding list of capital improvements at the hospital, including the also newly-renovated waiting and patient concierge service area, updated patient rooms, and additional renovations to the Labor and Delivery and Radiology Departments and the parking lot. 

While there may be some concern surrounding an emergency room visit during a pandemic, HRH wants to assure patients that the hospital is COVID-safe and continues to be a safe and reliable place to receive care. 

Hudson Regional Hospital provides around-the-clock, comprehensive emergency care services and continues to boast the shortest wait times of any emergency room in the area. For more information on Hudson Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department, call (201) 392-3210 or go to

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