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Hudson Regional Hospital Addresses Community’s Health Needs Through Extensive Capital Improvement Campaign
Staff Size Doubled; $8 Million in Facility Investments; Now 100% In-Network

Two years after Yan Moshe took ownership of Hudson Regional Hospital, his vision for its organizational, staff and capital improvements have transformed the former Meadowlands Hospital from a failing entity into a trusted world-class health facility designed to support the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its surrounding community.

While the 2010’s saw hospitals merging and acquiring into multi-county conglomerate corporations, Hudson Regional Hospital stands alone as New Jersey’s only free-standing privately-owned hospital, a business model that has allowed it to improve and expand its on-site practices, acquire state-of-the-art equipment, and secure collaborations with other healthcare leaders.
Mr. Moshe’s agreement with the state when he took over the facility in 2017 required him to invest $5 million over his first three years, but he has already enhanced the patient experience with $8 million in renovations that are apparent as soon as you step into a main entrance that more-closely resembles an upscale hotel than a hospital.

In March of 2019 Hudson Regional Hospital opened its Institute of Robotic Surgery allowing its associated practitioners to offer their patients the most advanced treatment options through the use of minimally-invasive tools including the ExcelsiusGPS, the Da Vinci XI, the Mazor Robotic Guidance System, the Stryker Mako and the O-armTM intraoperative 2D/3D imaging system. Doctors are reporting that these procedures are requiring less overnight stays for their patients, less opioids for pain management, quicker and easier recovery periods and return to baseline function.
Further capital improvements included the addition of an on-site pharmacy, a redesign of the Emergency Room to include more private areas, as well as special treatment areas for geriatric and pediatric patients, and continues throughout the facility in all patient rooms and practice areas including its Maternity Ward.

“In many instances, these are things that are not only new to Hudson Regional Hospital, they are new to any hospital in the region,” said Dr. Nizar Kifaieh, MD, MBA, CPE, FACEP, President and CEO of Hudson Regional Hospital. “By creating a new style of business plan for a hospital, we have advanced care across our specialties in profound ways.”

Hudson Regional Hospital’s business model responds to the busy lifestyles of its patients, providing access to multiple practices, services, and advanced technology in one place. In March of 2019, it acquired a Hitachi Oasis 1.2T High Field Open MRI making it the only hospital in New Jersey offering an option for claustrophobic patients that is in-network for most patients with health insurance.
Patients in Secaucus and the greater Hudson County area have embraced Hudson Regional Hospital as their healthcare facility of choice; the number of patients served increased dramatically from 2017 to 2019 by 61 percent, in part because it has removed barriers to healthcare for 95 percent of New Jersey residents through in-network status for all major insurance providers. Both headcount and patients served are expected to continue to rise as the facility continues to expand its services.

Hudson Regional Hospital has hosted several job fairs, recruiting and providing training to advance the aspirations of local residents, and support the important work of the more than 1,000 new top-tier, credentialed practitioners and surgeons from throughout the New York Metro. Its medical staff more than doubled from 295 to 602 over the two years with new positions including its Patient Liaison Team that has helped improve care throughout the hospital.

Integral to Hudson Regional Hospital’s business model is an aggressive multi-layered community outreach program with touch points directly to local residents and through relationships with elected and civic leaders in Secaucus, and in the surrounding counties and municipalities in Hudson, Bergen, and Passaic County.
In 2019 Hudson Regional Hospital’s EMT department joined the national File of Life emergency medical information card program to improve First Responder-patient communications with Secaucus residents.* It’s staff then created a series of sign-up events at senior citizen and community centers, the library, places of worship and the Secaucus Street Fair, to date registering hundreds of residents. It has also funded 40,000 Meals on Wheels deliveries in Hudson County throughout the hospital’s two-year tenure.

In November of 2019, Hudson Regional Hospital’s Foundation donated 100 turkeys to Secaucus residents and 300 turkeys to Hudson Regional Hospital staff. Its $9,600 donation was complemented by fresh mozzarella donated by Secaucus and the fixing donated by Walmart in Secaucus.
Its robust Community Giving Campaign supported the Secaucus Youth Alliance and the Secaucus Emergency Fund in December 2019 with $5,000 donations to each organization to ensure a happy and safe holiday for residents in need. The Community Giving Campaign began in December of 2018 with a $36,000 payment to complete all sales on layaway items at the HomeGoods in Harmon Meadow; $10,000 to support the programs and services at the Secaucus Youth Alliance; and $9,000 in Meadowlands YMCA daycare scholarships for needy families.

Hudson Regional Hospital’s professional staff conducts free screenings throughout the year that are open to all Hudson, Bergen, and Passaic County residents regardless of insurance status. At its Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch held in October, 30 women were screened, they all received scripts for mammograms, and some received scripts for ultrasound and sonograms. All the women scheduled their follow up appointments with Hudson Regional Hospital’s OB/GYN and radiology departments.
Its staff conducts free classes on Prenatal Health, CPR, Active Shooter Survival, Stroke Awareness and Managing Diabetes, and has partnered with the Meadowlands Area YMCA to offer periodic health screenings for chronic diseases including diabetes.
The Hospital also hosts a free family fun day each summer providing games and activities for the kids and various health screenings for all visitors.
“This is just the beginning – we strive to continue to innovate so that we can respond to the community’s medical needs in profound and meaningful ways.”
For more information about Hudson Regional Hospital and its free community programs and services, visit or call 201. 392.3100.


About Hudson Regional Hospital
Hudson Regional Hospital is a new community hospital located in Secaucus, NJ. They are fully In-Network with all major insurance carriers. Hudson Regional Hospital’s mission is to build a healthier community by providing exceptional care for all Tri-State Area residents through significant investments in new technology, facility improvements, and acquiring the top doctors and surgeons in the world. They recently established the Institute of Robotic Surgery which gives patients access to the most advanced robotic technologies right in Hudson County.
The hospital has purchased the Da Vinci XI Robotic System, Mako robotic system, ExcelsiusGPS, and the Mazor Robotic Guidance System.

Hudson Regional Hospital’s ER team provides around-the-clock comprehensive emergency care services that include short wait times, EMS/Ambulance On-Site 24/7, a fully equipped EMS Lounge, 24/7 Access to Specialty Physicians and a multi-lingual staff.


*Hudson Regional Hospital’s Emergency Response Team’s geographic area covers the Township of Secaucus but the hospital welcomes patients from any municipality in New Jersey.

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