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Spotlight: Our Orthopedics Department

At Hudson Regional Hospital, we are proud to have a world-class orthopedic surgery department. Our surgeons in this department are skilled and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders. Patients complaining of issues with their hands, feet, shoulders, ankles or spine work with our orthopedic team to resolve those issues and move on with their lives pain-free.

More specifically, our orthopedics department can perform the most specialized and minimally invasive procedures thanks to two cutting-edge technologies, Mazor Robotics and the ExcelsiusGPS Robotic Navigation. Together with our medical professionals, these technologies have been clinically proven to have added surgical accuracy, preferred patient outcomes, and increased patient safety.

Hudson Regional Hospital provides different examination and treatment options for musculoskeletal injuries. Based on the most recent data and input from Hudson Regional Hospital physicians, here are a few ways Hudson Regional Hospital helps people with orthopedic injuries.

Not Just Surgery

While “surgery” is right there in the name of our orthopedic surgery department, it only accounts for about 50 percent of what our physicians in this department do. Indeed, while many people don’t realize it, orthopedic care is a broad category with several other types of medicine under its umbrella. For instance, our orthopedic team includes doctors and surgeons that specialize in sports medicine. Our orthopedists can provide a range of non-surgical methods to reduce pain or assist with pain management, as well as maximize the range of motion.

Physicians in our orthopedic department frequently treat back pain issues, pulled muscles, and ruptured discs. Sometimes, these injuries or conditions do demand surgery, but not always. It’s the job of an orthopedist to determine the most effective and least invasive way to achieve results for a patient. As such, a considerable part of what our orthopedic team does involves pain management. By personalizing a pain-management strategy for every patient—regardless of whether they are bound for (or recovering from) surgery—we can guarantee the highest quality of life for our patients. Patients recovering from injury, trauma or surgery consistently find that our focus on pain management is one factor that sets us apart from other hospitals or private practice entities.

The Mazor Robotics Advantage

As the exclusive provider of Mazor Robotics in Hudson County, Hudson Regional Hospital uses this innovative technology for many minimally invasive procedures. Mazor Robotics has been clinically proven to reduce the average hospital stay by 27 percent, cuts complication rates in half and reduces radiation exposure by 74 percent. If you are suffering from back pain, joint pain or a back issue, Mazor Robotics may be the solution for you.

ExcelsiusGPS Robotic Navigation

Hudson Regional Hospital is one of only five medical centers in the country to offer this technology that calculates the precise surgical site, then guides the surgeon to that exact site on the patient’s body for placement of the implant or instrument.

The benefits to surgeons include decreased operation times, reduced exposure to radiation and increased accuracy through its compatibility with computer tomography (CT), intra-operative CT and fluoroscopic imaging modalities.

Patients who qualify for this procedure should anticipate faster recovery times; less blood loss and muscle damage; and smaller incisions, which will reduce infection risk, nerve damage and scarring.


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