Specialty Spotlight: Women’s Health

With women’s health, Hudson Regional Hospital knows that trust and confidence can be the most significant factors that come to play when selecting a healthcare facility. It’s essential that the patient can feel secure in their course of care, in addition to feeling that their needs are being taken care of. And at Hudson Regional, we are investing both our time and attention into providing the best healthcare experience for women in Northern, NJ.

At Hudson Regional Hospital specifically, our emphasis is providing a white-glove, concierge experience for all patients, but with a particular focus on women’s health issues. This means providing health care services as a preventive means, making situations like childbirth the best they can be, and focusing on the matters that may prove to be an issue later in life.

The hospital provides a range of different examination and treatment options that can be used for women’s health. Based on the most recent data and input from Hudson Regional Hospital physicians, here are a selection of women’s services that can be applied during all phases of life.

Radiological Examinations

Hudson Regional Hospital uses the latest X-ray and 3D digital imaging technology to test women for breast cancer. Traditional mammography produces just two images of each breast, a side-to-side view, and a top-to-bottom view. 3D mammography produces X-ray images of the breasts from multiple angles to create a digital 3-dimensional rendering of internal breast tissue. Research suggests that radiologists are able to interpret results from 3D mammography in dense breast tissue more accurately. This can lead to fewer false-positive and false-negative readings.

Regarding preventive health, we recommend women receive mammography yearly, starting when they are 45. You can begin to have a mammography every other year after turning 55. In the last twenty years, mammographies have helped reduce the breast cancer mortality by 40 percent.

Labor & Delivery

When you choose to give birth at Hudson Regional Hospital, a “clinical” experience is the farthest thing from the reality of what we strive to provide. Our goal is to provide a beautiful birthing experience from start to finish – starting with childbirth education & parent prep classes through delivery and family-centered visitation.  As an extension of our family-focused care philosophy, we offer several options for private rooms, and mothers may choose to share the room with their newborns — an incredible opportunity to continue experiencing the bond forged at birth. During this time, you can opt to receive clear and easy to understand instructions on breastfeeding. Sure, it might not seem like a complicated process, but it can be made much simpler and more comfortable with helpful guidance regarding what to expect.

We believe this should be an opportunity for you to celebrate with your spouse and family, too. After all, giving birth is the culmination of a long journey and the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your life. We provide a unique “Dinner for Two” (Kosher, of course) by candlelight in your private room. With a unique menu prepared with new parents in mind and served with celebratory champagne, this is the perfect way to reward yourselves while preparing for the experience of parenthood.

And, why should your other children stay at home? They are as excited as you to have a new brother or sister, so we encourage sibling visitation.  From this experience to the quality of our staff and the premium level of care, Hudson Regional Hospital works to give your family the best possible fresh start.


As we put more strain on our body, our back and joints are likely the victims of that pushing and pulling. Inasmuch, we are bringing in top-level orthopedic specialists from around the Tri-state area, educated in the most minimally invasive, same day procedures. Hudson Regional Hospital is the exclusive carrier of Mazor Robotics in Hudson County. Paired with our extraordinary physicians and our professional medical staff, back and joint procedures can be completed quicker, with fewer complications.

Knowledge and Compassion

All of this technology and specialized women’s health services are useless unless you have staff who know how to use the technology and are compassionate with our patients. The policy of Hudson Regional Hospital is to have a team who are thoroughly familiar with the technology and have successfully used it on patients before we ever advertise that we have the technology.  And, our staff is continuously educated on the specific needs of our patients and know who to call for particular questions, e.g., our Frum liaison or our Rabbi on call.

Hudson Regional Hospital offers these services and others, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Patients can inquire about these services or schedule appointments by contacting the hospital directly, either via telephone, at 201-392-3100, or email, at info@hudsonregionalhospital.com. Patients facing medical emergencies should proceed directly to the emergency room. The emergency room contact number is 201-392-3210.


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