Physician Spotlight: Dr. Daniel Popowitz

As Hudson Regional Hospital develops new relationships with physicians in our community who utilize the cutting-edge technology we have brought to our facility, we’d like to bring their medical perspectives into focus in our new ongoing series “Physician Focus.”

Today we speak with Dr. Daniel Popowitz, a podiatrist who explains Hudson Regional Hospital’s podiatry program, how he intends to use our Mazor Robotics machine, and some helpful tips for preventing foot issues.

1. Can you tell us a little about your background and why you decided to become a podiatrist?

I grew up in Queens, New York. I went to Yeshiva University. In college, I knew I wanted to practice medicine, and specifically a specialty that was hands-on. I shadowed podiatrists and enjoyed seeing patients who came into the office in pain then walk out pain-free after a small procedure. I also enjoyed the surgical

Dr. Daniel Popowitz is in charge of the podiatry program at Hudson Regional Hospital.

Dr. Daniel Popowitz

aspect of podiatry and knew this would be a great fit for me. I went to the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) and then did my residency training at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. I am board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

2. How would you describe your treatment philosophy?

I believe my philosophy fits right in with the rest of my group and HRH. We give individualized care. Every patient is different, even if their diagnosis is the same. In a private practice setting like the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (CMD) patients are treated as people, not as medical record numbers. I use conservative treatment, with surgery only when necessary. I use my clinical judgment and imaging modalities judiciously to establish an appropriate science-based treatment plan to get the best outcomes for my patients.

3. What brought you to Hudson Regional Hospital?

I was informed of the new Hudson Regional Hospital when I joined CMD. Learning about the new ownership and the individualized care they plan on giving made this hospital a very attractive place to work. In addition, having the Mazor robot housed there makes our partnership ideal for us and our patients.

4. What is the focus of the podiatry program at Hudson Regional Hospital?

The goal of the foot and ankle service is to offer high-quality care and cutting-edge techniques to all types of foot and ankle issues. From fracture care to diabetic foot care and limb salvage, to office podiatry care. We work closely with orthopedics, vascular surgery, and interventional radiology to bring about the best team approach to patient care. In Hudson Regional Hospital, everyone from each service knows each other and it feels like one family. All departments work closely with one another to provide top-quality care for the patients.

5. With new ownership, what types of improvements have you seen on the hospital campus?

You can see that most of the hospital is undergoing renovations. The hallways of the operating room are filled with state-of-the-art lasers, radiographic and robotic technology.

6. What are some current foot issues people should be aware of and look to prevent?

Diabetic foot care is very important. Often, the best care is preventive care. Also, avoiding overuse injuries in pediatric and adolescent patients is very important. With most kids being involved in organized sports, we are seeing many overuse injuries from kids doing too much athletic activity.

7. What are some good techniques that can help prevent foot issues?

Check your feet daily. Stretch every day. When you start to notice changes in your feet, such as bony deformities or skin changes, see a foot and ankle specialist right away, as many times the deformity can be treated or progression can be slowed or prevented. If you injure your foot or ankle, timely treatment and education can make all the difference in getting back on your feet faster.

8. Besides medicine, what other interests do you have?

I love spending time with my family. I live in Bergenfield, New Jersey, with my wife and five kids. I am very involved in my community and synagogue. I am currently on the synagogue board and lead High Holiday services. I enjoy spinning at the JCC. I am also an avid New York Giants and Rangers fan.

9. How do you plan on engaging with the Jewish community while at Hudson Regional Hospital?

I have already begun bringing some of my Jewish patients to Hudson Regional for surgery. In time, the great care they receive will start to spread and people will want to go there for their procedures. HRH is going all out to support the religious Jewish community with a new rabbi, Shabbos room, staff education and more.

10. What are some of the guiding principles you have?

Firstly, treat every patient as if they were a family member. When you do that, you often help guide the patient in making the best decision. Also, treat everyone around you with respect. You will learn something from everyone. That includes nurses, office staff, hospital and/or staff, medical assistants and other physicians. Additionally, I am a big fan of the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and OHIO (only handle it once) methods, which were taught to me by one of my teachers when I was a resident. I keep this in mind whenever I deal with patients. It has made me very effective and successful in educating and treating my patients.

11. How do podiatrists and orthopedists work together? What are some things you can learn from each other?

My surgical training was unique in that my residency was completely integrated into the orthopedic department and residency program at Montefiore. Many of my teachers and attendings were pediatric orthopedists as well as foot and ankle orthopedists. The specialties often complement each other as many people with foot pain also have knee and back pain. Patients love when the doctors treating their body are from the same practice and everyone is informed of all treatments taking place. That’s what makes CMD so special.

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (CMD) is a formalized joint practice including The Center for Spinal Disorders, The Center for Hand Disorders and The Center for Pain Management. Since the three centers have long worked together to provide cohesive care to the community, our newly integrated practice will continue our steadfast servitude to our patients. To schedule an appointment, please call (201) 510-3777.

Hudson Regional Hospital is a new, premier hospital providing comprehensive care to northern New Jersey. Our mission is to provide a healthier community through exceptional care, sophisticated technology, and knowledgeable physicians. To schedule an appointment, please call (201) 392-3278.

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